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Flashback Friday

Happy Friday. It’s been a weird week so I’m glad to see it gone lol. Every week I go check out the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s see what songs were charting in the 4th week of October, 2013.

#3 Lim Chang Jung “A Guy Like Me”
I always appreciate it when I’m listening to music and getting emotional or flat out crying in public when people just ignore me lol. 5 stars and a tip for you, Lyft driver. Lim Chang Jung has had a successful singing career for over 20 years now, but I’ve always associated him more with his acting. But I have heard this song before, and I know I’ve heard it on tv before.

#2 Busker Busker “Love At First”
I had posted the video in a previous post, but I couldn’t find a live version this time around. They didn’t really do music shows lol. Making me even more confused, they also have a song called “First Love” and that song kept popping up in the mix too. So I gave up and here’s the MV again lol. But the MV is really good though! It fits the song perfectly.

#1 IU “The Red Shoes”
5 years later and I’m still not a fan of this song, but gosh darn she was so adorable! So lovely this era! This was the lead single for her “Modern Times” album, and both of them topped the charts.

Honorable Mentions

#5 Block B “Very Good”
The only thing I remember about this era was the velvet suits (because I love velvet suits omg!), and the “I’m very very good” part of the song. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this MV before. Didn’t anyone call the police? And why is there so much going on inside there? Is this why I can never find an employee to help me access my safety deposit box?

#10 Ladies Code “Pretty Pretty”
This is always what I think of first when I think of the group. I really like this MV, and the song is so much fun too. I love it when songs have fan chants already in them lol. They all look so pretty, and Rise is the cutest of all the cutes! I still love all her styling here so much.

sources: nh emg, Stone Music Entertainment, Mnet K-POP, seven seasons, LADIES CODE & soompi
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