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U-KISS’s Hoon Shares Update On Family Member’s Health After Assault

On October 29, U-KISS’s Hoon took to Twitter to share some good news about a family member.

Earlier this week, Hoon revealed that the victim of elementary school violence in Mokpo was one of his family members. In speaking out about the incident, he drew attention to the fact that the school has not taken proper action against the attacker despite the severity of the assault.

In the new tweet, Hoon said, “Thanks to everyone’s thoughts and prayers, my family member has woken up and his condition is much more stable…! More than anything else, I’m relieved and grateful… I’m sorry for making Kiss Me [fanclub name] worry… Thank you… Thank you so much!! I will live with gratitude in my heart for the prayers and support you’ve sent our way…!”

Source: @soompi, HooN91y via soompi
Tags: family, health, u-kiss

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