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Mnet to Launch New Dancing Romance Show “Somebody”

The production team behind Korea’s first dance survival program Mnet’s “Dancing 9” will be returning with a new dancing romance show, “Somebody.”

“Somebody” is a reality program that observes the “something” that occurs and connects men and women through dance. The show will be produced by producing director Choi Jung Nam and the production staff behind other dancing reality shows such as “Dancing 9” and “Hit the Stage.”

The show will feature 10 dancers, whose focuses range from ballet, contemporary dance, traditional Korean dance, and other classics to poppin, b-boying, and other street dances. They will dance to couple’s choreography and film music videos.

Compared to the focus on competition and abilities of dance survival programs, “Somebody” will take in the rich emotions felt through dance. The show will have dancers perform their changing feelings such as love, friendship, joy, sadness, jealousy, and more for each other. Viewers will guess the dancers’ hearts through their choreography.

Real-life couple Ha Hwi Dong and Choi Soo Jin, who met on Mnet’s “Dancing 9,” are featured in a teaser. In it, they enchantingly meet and perform exquisite choreography. Words flash across the video, saying, “They passionately exchange feelings with dance. The moment their bodies touch, love begins. A love story made through dance.”

Producing director Choi Jung Nam stated, “Through married couple Ha Hwi Dong and Choi Soo Jin, I felt the expression of love being connected by dance. I created the program because rather than having dance as a topic of competition, I wanted to show dance as a device to the completion of love. I think viewers will be able to feel the tightrope-likeness of beautiful dance and risky emotion through ‘Somebody.'”

“Somebody” will air its first episode on November 23 at 11 p.m. KST, after “Show Me the Money 777.”

Check out the 10 dancers participating in the show below.

Male Dancers:

1. Na Dae Han
He is a ballerino from Canada’s National Ballet Company

2. Lee Eui Jin
He is a dancer from the poppin dance crew DA’ONEZ, who is also a member of BIGFLO and UNB.

3. Han Sun Chun
He majors in modern dance, and gained popularity after appearing on “Dancing 9.”

4. Oh Hong Hak
He is a dancer in the pop musical, “Notre-Dame De Paris.”

5. Kim Seung Hyuk
He is a b-boy from the b-boy crew Fusion MC.

Female Dancers:

1. Seo Jae Won
She was the winner of 2017 Miss Korea, and a dancer majoring in Korean dance in Korea National University of Arts.

2. Lee Su Jeong
She is a dancer who performs in both Korea and China.

3. Lee Joori
She is a ballerina from the Korean National Ballet Company.

4. Jung Yeon Soo
She is a street dancer known for her trendy style and energetic dance moves.

5. Maeng Iseul
She is a modern dancer known for her unique style and individuality.

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So it's like dancing program meets dating show? Interesting that Euijin is the only idol in this and not from a super well known group too.
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