7:21 pm - 10/30/2018

John Cameron Mitchell shares opinion on Wanna One's use of the Hedwig And The Angry Inch imagery

Instagram description: Thoughts on Kpop band @wannaone.official’s use of #hedwigandtheangryinch/Platonist/Taoist imagery as well as @stephentrask’s song title #theoriginoflove. An ancient myth is certainly fair game to use as a metaphor for a band and its caring fans coming together but I’m sad to think that their managers felt the need to borrow so flagrantly from Hedwig without attribution and flatten the myth (much like my face in this video).

Source: Xsportsnews|Newsen|johncameronmitchell via @balloon_wanted
vintage_boom 30th-Oct-2018 06:37 pm (UTC)
the fans who talked to him about this didn't do a good enough job contextualizing use of design and mythology in kpop comebacks considering how much research both the creative teams can put into artwork and what fans can flesh out of simple teasers. idt the origins and meaning behind the story will get flattened.

this is just going to get people riled up in his mentions.
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