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Yang Hyun Suk announces upcoming plans for Sechskies, Winner and iKON

On SECHSKIES, Yang Hyun Suk commented, “The group is experiencing a time of commotion due to unexpected incidents recently. In case it would cause burden to the members ahead of their concert, I have avoided conversation on this topic. However, I plan on meeting the members soon and discuss the recording of SECHSKIES’s new music, which has been halted, and the next steps to take.” He added that Eun Ji Won has began recording a solo release, but additional information is not available at this time as he is in the beginning stage.

Regarding WINNER, Yang Hyun Suk revealed that the group’s third studio album will be released following Song Mino’s solo promotions. An encore concert in Korea and more detailed news will be announced later on.

iKON will completed their “New Kids” series with a repackaged album, which will be released on December 31. The album will contain one new song and music video, but there are no plans for official promotions or music shows. Following the conclusion of the “New Kids” series, a new project will begin next year.

Source: @soompi, yg-life via soompi
Tags: ikon, sechskies, winner, yg entertainment

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