Myrrh/Laura (myrrhcat) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

LOOΠΔ Jinsoul's "Egoist" rap - English version

Lyrics as interpreted by Reddit user Evolution--:
"Hey, nothing ever matters you know
I don't understand what you're doing now
Think of all the things, see the things you did
I heard you coming back, now baby turn around
On and on, we on a cycle, on and off
Never fall for you again, that's it, i'ma lose mind
On and on, don't matter, what we had it's over now
Reminiscing of the past, that is simply over now"

The audio comes from a fanclub kit from LOOΠΔ's official fansite. Many commenters are apparently hearing it as "never f**k with you again".

Source: Twitter: 고라니, Reddit: r/LOONA
Tags: loona, never dont mind about a thing
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