2:41 pm - 10/31/2018

Korean bestselling novel is going to be made into a TV series

Korean novelist Shin Kyung-sook has recently finalized a deal to make her bestselling novel “Please Look After Mom” into a U.S. television series. On October 30, the novelist’s publishing agency KL Management announced that the author has signed the deal with Blue Jar Pictures for the production.

“It’s the first case for a Korean novel to be produced into an American TV series,” said KL Management. “This is especially meaningful because it’s been 10 years since the book was first published in October 2008.

Producer and director Julie Anne Robinson of Blue Jar Pictures also expressed eagerness to bring the novel to the screens. “The novel illustrates the experience a family goes through as they lose their mom in a beautiful and honest voice,” Robinson commented.

Details of the production haven’t been determined yet.

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily
921227 1st-Nov-2018 12:16 am (UTC)
Oh wow, this is a surprise. I actually found this book at a bookstore a while ago & thought it was a really nice read. Its good its getting some exposure
dropthecrates 1st-Nov-2018 12:02 pm (UTC)
same, i bought it secondhand and really enjoyed it! it was v. sad though, idk if i can read it again for a while
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