6:30 pm - 10/31/2018

Weki Meki - True Valentine dance practice

scribblyness_x 1st-Nov-2018 08:53 am (UTC)
THE ENERGETIC TEEN GG WE DESERVE. i'll say it in every weki meki post but QUEENS OF GROUP SYNERGY. i'm such a fan of the lower register verses and the line distribution for this song.

i died at suyeon attempting to fly-kick yoojung. she's so great. queen of anime eyes and cursing tbh.

smh at people who think doyeon is wasted in weki meki. it's clear how much she enjoys performing and being with the other members. this is the girl who cried at the thought of her friend not being able to fully show her potential (not once, but twice even after they made it as ioi members). she keeps improving and developing her skills as an idol even though she could easily just lean heavily on her looks.

/incoherent rant i just have a lot of weme feelings/
love_keiko 2nd-Nov-2018 04:09 pm (UTC)
this is great! love the song and the choreography is hella cute
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