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RM to feature on Tiger JK's final album as Drunken Tiger

On November 1, Tiger JK’s agency Feel gHood Muzik announced that RM would be part of Drunken Tiger’s highly-anticipated 10th and final studio album. A representative of the agency stated, “BTS’s RM contributed to Drunken Tiger’s 10th album as a featured rapper. He has already completed recording [for the album].”

Although the upcoming album will not mark Tiger JK’s retirement from the industry, it will be the last album he releases under the name Drunken Tiger.

RM has often spoken of Tiger JK as one of his idols and musical role models. He previously collaborated with Tiger JK as a featuring artist on MFBTY’s 2015 track “Buckubucku,” and he happily declared in more than one interview, “I grew up watching Tiger JK. I’m a fan who succeeded.”

Drunken Tiger’s final studio album will be released on November 14 and reportedly boasts a star-studded lineup of featuring artists.

Sources: @Soompi, Naver (1, 2) via Soompi

Yo BuckuBucku was my shit when it was released. Can't wait for this one! And his fanboying over Tiger remains cute aww
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