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People beg IU for money on SNS


Singer IU says people have been asking her for money through social media.

Appearing on KBS2 talk show "The Joy of Conversation," IU, whose name is Lee Ji-eun, said: "A myriad of people have been suffering hardships and they asked me to pay medical bills, tuition fees or loans for them. I once sent money to a person who seemed desperate."

But the receiver's response differed from her expectation.

"I thought the person would appreciate me, but instead the receiver demanded an additional amount," the singer said. "Later, I realized that I had been ripped off and the person's story was all fake. It hurt my feelings back then."

The singer also revealed she has been supporting five juniors since 2013. They were accepted into universities but could not afford the tuition. About 20-25 million won ($17,600-$22,000) in financial aid has been given to them consistently.

IU, 25, debuted in 2008 with the mini-album "Lost and Found." She has been dubbed one of Korea's most successful female soloists. Her hit tracks include "Good Day," "The Red Shoes" and "Palette."

The singer released the single "BBI BBI" on Oct. 10 and it has been dominating music charts. IU also has been forging an acting career, starring in several TV series, including tvN's "My Mister."

source: The Korea Times
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