6:19 pm - 11/01/2018

The Return of Superman Ep 247

Sian, Sua & Seola

William & Bentley

Naeun & Gunhoo

This was the episode that aired on 2018.10.21. This isn't the whole episode, it's missing about 20 minutes and one family. But the people who upload the KBS YT hate me. Yep, I'm taking it personal. Anywho, in these clips...Donggook tries to teach Sua and Seola a lesson about getting along. Then they go to a car wash and Sian is just so precious. William and Ben get a tasty surprise in the mail. Then they head to a traditional market for a meal. Naeun and her family gets ready in the morning, and we get to see her in her kindergarten class. So cute that her teacher is the only one allowed to do her hair lol.

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lydzi 2nd-Nov-2018 03:51 am (UTC)
The toxic masculanity that Sian's father teaches has me stopping watching Sian's segments. That's how bad this is.

That being said, NaEun and her brother are precious smol beans. William and Bentley are always here to entertain ♥
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