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📚 [The Reader for You] with GOT7 Jinyoung (episode 5)

Book of the week: No Longer Human by Ozamu Dazai

from the yt decription:
"I find it difficult to understand the kind of human being who lives, or who is sure he can live, purely, happily, serenely while engaged in deceit.
Human beings never did teach me that abstruse secret."
- From "No Longer Human

The protagonist, Yozo, who seems to be a lunatic, felt as if he was pure.
I was moved by Yozo who lived a society where you can only succeed if you go mad.

Sources: jyppictures

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I wish my current life didn't make me such a lazy reader compared to my younger years. Jinyoung's book choices make me wanna read more.
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