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GOT7’s Youngjae Expresses Frustration (yet again) About Sasaengs Contacting him on KKT

from Soompi:

GOT7’s Youngjae has given a stern warning and ultimatum to sasaengs who continue to invade his privacy.

The idol took to his personal Instagram account and posted a screenshot of a KakaoTalk message he received from an unknown person. He expressed his frustrations at the constant invasion of privacy as he wrote, “I don’t like messages like this either, so just stop. Everybody please stop, stop it. Do my words mean nothing to you? I have a limit to how much I can take. Do you think it would make you feel good? Constantly being contacted by people you don’t know?”

He gave a stern warning as he added, “I’ve tried to say this politely a few times but you never listen. From now on, I’m going to screenshot and collect all of these messages. Please help make sure that my Instagram account isn’t plastered with texts like this.”

This is not the first time Youngjae has spoken out against sasaengs and their invasive actions. He wrote his first message in 2016 and asked that people be more respectful about privacy, and also expressed his worry that someone might get hurt following GOT7 around.

Fellow GOT7 member Jackson was involved in a car accident in September 2016 due to people following him on his way to the airport in China. In July 2017, Mark wrote about being followed from the airport to their dorms, and asked for it to stop. In June 2018, Youngjae took to Instagram once more to ask sasaengs to stop sending him KakaoTalk messages.

[screencaps of his IG posts (they´ve since then been deleted)]

Source: Soompi / bestofjinyoung / OHMYGOT7Forum 1 2 3

God, what is wrong with people, honestly? Omg @ the ones that had the gall to try and mask themselves as "concerned fans" when they literally contacted him through a number they could've only obtained by a sasaeng? jfc...

Edit: there's a pann-choa post about it now as well that has one more IG post in it that I missed

Edit2: it's reported Youngjae has now deleted his kkt acc
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