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Trash!CEO's Building Makes Locals Angry

YG Entertainment’s new headquarters building, which is under construction in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul, is generating complaints from residents living in a nearby building, who say it is blocking their sunlight.

The nine-story YG building is about 50 meters away from and two to four floors higher than nearby residential buildings. Residents claimed the building is blocking the sunlight for the apartment complex in question, but Mapo-gu District Office said the new building does not violate regulations set out in the Building Act set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

The Building Act requires buildings to be built a certain distance away, but this regulation only applies when an existing building is built to the north of the new structure. The new YG building is built to the east of the apartments in question.

Local residents have held protests since Oct. 22 and put up banners in front of the YG building under construction, calling for proper measures or compensations.

YG Entertainment reportedly checked out the protest banners but is yet to come up with a formal response to the protest.

OP Note: As a law school graduate, I'm cackling that an issue with easements over natural light could potentially drag this scumbag into court. I hope they drag him mercilessly and cost him real cash.

Source: The Korea Herald
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