7:18 pm - 11/07/2018

GOT7 MONOGRAPH "Present : YOU" EP.04

EP 04. M/V Making Part 3

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Sources: GOT7 / gif

I really liked the the question portion they had for each member because it gives such insight into their heads. Also it's interesting to see the bts stuff and how much cgi is used and how much actually wasn't? I'm positively surprised by the set design!

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scionofawhisper 7th-Nov-2018 09:57 pm (UTC)
The sets are amazing and the CG was so good too, I'm so curious how much this all costs JYP. It amazes me it's actually worth the investment. o.o

And omg the minds of JB and Jinyoung.. xD Jinyoung talking about how it's good to be 50% happy when just asked how happy he was and JB talking about how he wants to write an essay called "They're doing their best none-the-less". t.t
lydzi 7th-Nov-2018 09:58 pm (UTC)
I hate the Lullaby mv tbh. I only watch the Adidas mv for that matter.

Jinyoung with all those Yugyeom pics on his phone!! I'm screaming xd His 50% answer was so him xd I understand tho, it does make sense.
Yugyeom still has his baby cheeks, it's adorable ;___;Mark is way too pretty oO
As someone who mainly store and tidy up books all day, that scene with JB is anxiety personnified xd The duality of JB needs it's own essay at this point. He goes from cool to huge dork in less than 0.2seconds
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