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Señora Interesante

Oh My Girl To Collaborate with Park Myung Soo

Park Myung Soo aka Dj Gpark hinted a new track with Oh My Girl called "SNS" on his own instagram.

On November 7, Park Myung Soo posted a video on his Instagram.

He gave fans a preview of the song with a lyric video that includes the text, “Now trust me and post it on your SNS. Post it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and everywhere. Now your SNS is full of likes because of me. Take a picture.” After a couple clips of Park Myung Soo DJing on a stage, the clip ends with the words, “November 9, Friday. Coming soon.”

He then explained in the captions, “I’ll be releasing a new song on November 9. It’s a collaboration with Oh My Girl. Please look forward to ‘SNS.'” He added in the hashtags that the songwriter is Yoo Jae Hwan.

Meanwhile Oh My Girl also updated their oficial instagram few hours ago but didnt mention this collaboration. Instead here some pretty pictures of Binnie:

Source: Naver News via Soompi, Park myung soo instagram , OHMYGIRL instagram
Tags: collaboration, oh my girl, park myungsoo
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