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Goo Hara And Choi Jong Bum To Be Prosecuted For Separate Charges

On November 7, Gangnam Police Station revealed that they are planning to send both Goo Hara and Choi Jong Bum to the prosecutor’s office. Goo Hara will be indicted for bodily harm charges, and Choi Jong Bum will be indicted for bodily harm, blackmail, and sexual violence charges. They will be sent to the prosecutor’s office no later than November 9.

Previously, the case started on September 13 when Choi Jong Bum reported to the police that Goo Hara assaulted him. The case started out as an assault case, but later developed into a sexual violence and blackmail case when Goo Hara revealed more details on October 4. The two had very different positions and claims regarding the assault incident, thus the police even called them in for a cross-interrogation on October 15.

The police revealed that they found more photos of Goo Hara, which appear to have been taken without Goo Hara’s knowledge, on Choi Jong Bum’s phone during the digital forensics performed on his confiscated materials. A source from the police said, “The photos were taken in a specific place at similar times, and there were more than one photo. The photos looked like they were enough to cause sexual humiliation from [Goo Hara’s] point of view.”

After the existence of Goo Hara and Choi Jong Bum’s private video was made public, the social awareness regarding the problems of revenge porn rose, causing petitioners to rise in support of Goo Hara. The investigation team composed of members from the Criminal Department, Intellectual Crimes Department, Women’s and Juvenile Affairs Division, the Sophisticated Crime Investigation Unit, and the Cybercrime Investigation Unit are currently working on the case.

Source: @soompi, starnews via via soompi
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