9:55 pm - 11/07/2018

DOK2 got robbed in LA

On November 5th, Dok2 wrote on his Instagram: “Last night between 7 PM and 7:30 PM, some thefts stole my backpack and my manager’s from our car, which was located at the parking lot of LA Koreatown’s Hanbat Sullungtang restaurant”. Dok2 also posted photos and videos of their robbed car.

He added, “The thefts took my necklaces, watches, cameras, two Korean phones, and passport that were in my backpack. To my friends who are reading this, you might not be able to reach me for some time.”

Dok2 also mentioned that he has reported the case to the police. However, he said, “because such accident is so common in LA, the police and security officers are all saying it would be impossible to catch the thefts and it is also our fault that we left our bags in the car. We were just stopping by to grab some dinner before going to the airport to make our flight, so we had to leave our bags in the car”.

Source: isplus via kpoplove

Omona, have you gotten robbed before?
mortkero 7th-Nov-2018 09:04 pm (UTC)
I've had a bag stolen, and my phone snatched out of my hand by someone on a bike.

This is why, I wear a money belt and put my passport in it when traveling, I don't care how ugly it looks, no one is stealing my passport!
nekobot 7th-Nov-2018 10:17 pm (UTC)
Same! The phone snatching is so infuriating. You're just left standing there feeling weirdly violated and even if you realise what happened straight away there's nothing you can do because you won't be able to catch up to them (nor can you call the police for obvious reasons)
mortkero 8th-Nov-2018 07:19 am (UTC)

For months after I would tense up if I heard the sound of a bike coming up behind me...

The lesson I learnt was... .make sure you have insurance if your phone is pricy

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nekokonneko 7th-Nov-2018 09:45 pm (UTC)
I've had my purse taken out of my backpack on a crowded bus once. It was really upsetting at the time, especially since I had exams going on.
nekobot 7th-Nov-2018 10:15 pm (UTC)
I mean...not to sound victim-blamey, it really sucks that this happens to him and he didn't deserve it, it's always a bit traumatising having someone steal your personal belongings like this, but doesn't he spend loads of time in the US? And he still doesn't know how common car theft like this is? It's quite surprising. I've never even been myself and I know from friends travelling or taking road trips that you shouldn't leave anything, even a plastic bag of groceries in a parked car because thieves might mistake it for valuables and try to smash your window to try and get to it - there's been a ton of problems with bands the past few years having all their gear stolen because they had to store it in their vans and couldn't get secured parking.
fadeintoyou 7th-Nov-2018 10:20 pm (UTC)

I’m so paranoid abou this so I never leave anything in the car. If I can’t help it and do have to leave it, I make sure I cover it up with a cheap raggedy jacket or something.

In college, I lived in a shady neighborhood and had a break in at my apartment. I just happened to swing by home for something and saw the door to my apartment cracked open. There was a person walking down the hallway and I gave chase. He ran out of the apartment and I gave up running after him. The cops came and asked if the person trashed the place because t was during finals week and my place was messy as hell. lol

Same apartment. Car got stolen from the street few months later. Needless to say I moved out of there soon after.

lydzi 7th-Nov-2018 10:44 pm (UTC)
I live in a big city so sadly I know the rules :/ You don't leave anything in the car. Never ever. And certainly not in plain sight. That being said, I've never been robbed but it's probably more luck than anything else (also I'm poor so good luck with robbing me anything of valor actually).

I'm sorry for them, it sucks to be robbed and the passport is a mess to recover :/

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nana_the_dwarf 7th-Nov-2018 11:03 pm (UTC)
It makes you feel so helpless and angry to get your stuff stolen, but leaving it out in the open where it's easy pickings, and knowing that people suck, wasn't the smartest thing to so. More so when it's an important document like your passport.

First time I got robbed, it was at knife point. The dude took off with my ipod and a pair of 2k headphones I had bought a week before; I was beyond pissed. I was lucky that the dude didn't take my bad which contained my photography gear.

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love_keiko 7th-Nov-2018 11:35 pm (UTC)
you dont leave anything in the car, period. and when you absolutely HAVE TO, put it in your trunk, cover it with a blanket, etc.

it fucking sucks but big city life is big city life.

i learned this lesson the hard way living out in philly. and what's wild is my car had NOTHING IN IT but a box of rice and they STILL broke in to my car to take it.

i feel bad for dok2 tho, getting robbed is stressful af.
nandexdame 7th-Nov-2018 11:37 pm (UTC)
Maybe because it is called "ktown" he thought it was safe, but dude, ktown can be sketchy and there is a lot of crime there.
baekpedaling 7th-Nov-2018 11:39 pm (UTC)
Whenever I leave stuff in the car in the city it's tucked under the seat, under a jacket or blanket or put in the trunk. The backseat in our car folds down and you can access the trunk so we usually put it through there versus opening the trunk once we've arrived
neongoldtooth 7th-Nov-2018 11:48 pm (UTC)
Cue Guns & Roses 'Welcome To The Jungle'....no but really that hella sucks unfortunately thats LA for you.
modestgoddess79 8th-Nov-2018 12:11 am (UTC)
Since I moved to Baltimore people told me don’t even leave spare change in the car. Someone stole my phone charger that was in the glove compartment. Thieves like to search cars. I tell my out of town visitors the same thing, leave nothing of value.
minho_lover 8th-Nov-2018 02:12 am (UTC)
our car got broke in IN OUR OWN DRIVEWAY during the night! it was sooo annoying, they took the stereo and my dads wallet (cuz this fool always left his wallet in the car for some reason laawd now he doesnt)
jinkiestabi 8th-Nov-2018 02:28 am (UTC)
I hate that he had to learn the lesson this way. But you never leave anything in the car. Especially not your passport. Hopefully, he is able to get another one because I know that can be a hassle.

I'm guessing he thought it was K-Town so it was somewhat safe? K-Town is still LA, boo. You're never too far from getting jacked, lol.
mikachi613 8th-Nov-2018 03:28 pm (UTC)
I always use a neck pouch to carry money and valuables when I'm traveling, usually it fits right under my shirt so it's not in plain sight.
I don't care what city I'm in or what country I'm in, never leave anything visible in a car and make sure if you put items in your pockets that they are front facing against your body so you'd feel if someone tried to pickpocket you. Purses carried should face front with any pockets exposed to sit against your body and try not to keep valuables loose in pockets easily accessible without opening the bag. City living is thug life sometimes.
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