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Park Hak-gi reveals his second daughter is an SM trainee, is a new SM girl group coming?

Singer Park Hak-gi has recently revealed on his appearance in the Channel A program "True Dad Confession" that he is proud of his daughters entering the entertainment industry.

He revealed what people mostly known that his first daughter, Dana (real name Park Seungyeon) has been doing activities as member of the girl group Matilda.

On the other hand, he also revealed that his second daughter, Park Jeongyeon, is a trainee under SM Entertainment. He added that she is "preparing for her debut." She recenly appeared on the highlight reel video of BTS' Love Yourself  series as well as Super Junior member Donghae's promotional video, "Perfect".

As speculated by netizens, the recent revelation has sparked expectations for the new SM girl group that might be announced soon. Jeongyeon, as well as the remaining four female SM Rookies members (Lami, Hina, Koeun, and Ningning) are expected to debut in a girl group soon.

Check out more about Park Jeongyeon on these videos!

Source | Jose Ilbo | Hankyung News | OSEN | Herald Pop | iBighit | SMTOWN | Cadillac Korea | KBSKpop

SM has been preparing for this group after RV debuted, better get some news on the fifth anniversary of the pre-debut team or else...
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