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JYPE to take legal action for violation of GOT7's privacy and rights after Youngjae's SNS posts

On November 8, the agency shared through an official statement, “We have been continuing legal protection of our artists with the policy of taking firm action after reviewing applicable legal procedures on defamation and acts violating personal rights. However, actions violating the privacy of artists have not stopped.”

The statement announces that all possible legal action will be taken without leniency based on the Criminal Act and Minor Offenses Act on actions such as finding personal information of artists and their families, selling or sharing this information, contacting the artists, illegally sharing photos that violate the artists’ privacy or portrait rights, and attempting to hack the artists’ social media accounts.

JYP Entertainment adds, “We have been continuously checking the posts, photos, and videos of illegal acts by monitoring and through the tips sent in by fans. If there are more incidents violating the privacy and rights of GOT7 in the future, please send tips to fan@jype.com.”

“We will put in our full effort so that disorderly and wrongful actions will not cause trouble to not only the artists, but also the many people who love GOT7. Thank you,” the statement concludes.

Source: fans.jype via soompi, @soompi
Tags: court / legal issues, cray cray sasaengs, got7, jyp entertainment
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