1:53 pm - 11/08/2018

Nissan Korea has chosen TVXQ's Yunho as model and ambassador of the new Nissan LEAF

Nissan Korea has revealed on the 9th that they have chosen TVXQ's U-know Yunho as the new model and ambassador of the Nissan LEAF that was first unveiled locally last November 1st.

TVXQ recently finished a three-day concert at the Nissan Stadium, Yokohama for the first time in Japan. It has been the center of attention that this tour only has mobilized a total of 1 million audience, and they had set a record for the biggest number of audience in a single tour of a foreign artist.

Nissan Korea's representative, Heo Seong-jung, said, "TVXQ's U-know Yunho and the world's best-selling electric Nissan LEAF are similar by having set a record of being 'the first', 'the best', and 'the biggest' in the global stage based on their constant challenges and passion. Through TVXQ's U-know Yunho, the different technology and various charms of the new Nissan LEAF will be delivered well to the customers."

Meanwhile, the company has started accepting pre-lease contracts starting November 1st, and is planning to set out more active marketing campaigns for the consumers, while choosing U-know Yunho as the ambassador at the same time.

Source: KemataXIII, biz.newdaily, paulisteu2618
glokmusic 8th-Nov-2018 01:41 pm (UTC)

oof get that cash king 👑

mikachi613 8th-Nov-2018 05:43 pm (UTC)
Classy car for a classy man. I always saw him as the James Bond type for ad campaigns and dramas.
lostintheechoes 9th-Nov-2018 12:39 am (UTC)
can the model be included with the purchase of the car? asking for a friend.
paoktsou 9th-Nov-2018 09:59 am (UTC)
Ready to ride this....CAR!!!!!!!!
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