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DJ Khaled To Join K-Hip Hop Survival Show Kill Bill

“Target: Billboard – Kill Bill” is a show in which seven artists will compete with their performances. The final winning “Kill Bill” that is chosen through this process will collaborate with a global artist and take on the Billboard charts.

On November 9, the “Kill Bill” production company revealed, “DJ Khaled has confirmed his appearance on [the show]. He will collaborate with the final winner of ‘Kill Bill’ and help them advance into the U.S. market. With DJ Khaled’s addition [to the program] producing a top [cast] lineup, we have been able to create a blueprint to our ultimate goal of entering the American Billboard charts.”

Dok2, BewhY, Jessi, Cheetah, San E, Rhythm Power, and Yang Dong Geun (YDG) were announced to appear on “Target: Billboard – Kill Bill” as its seven contestants. Kim Jong Kook has been chosen as its MC.

source: naver via Soompi

Tags: foreign celebrities, hip hop, survival show
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