2:56 pm - 11/13/2018

Mamamoo fans announce boycott out of protest over group's working conditions + RBW's response

Previously on November 9, MAMAMOO’s fan union requested RBW to postpone MAMAMOO’s upcoming December concert due to the girl group’s hectic schedule since releasing their special single “Paint Me” on January 4 earlier this year. Their schedule for the rest of the year included two mini album releases, seven concert shows, a Japanese debut, 70 local events, overseas performances, solo album releases, and solo concerts. This is in addition to their upcoming comeback with their eighth mini album “BLUE;S” on November 29 as well as their winter concert following their two-week long promotions for the album.

The fan union claimed that the reason for their anger was RBW’s continuous insincere feedback throughout the group’s recent activities. In particular, the reuse of old concert images and a notice that included broken reservation links for the group’s official showcase further fueled fans’ anger with the agency. There were also many complaints about the management of RBW’s artists, as the MAMAMOO members have been frequently injured while carrying out their numerous schedules, despite opposition from fans.

In response to the fan union’s statement, RBW commented, “The venue of the concert [SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium] was finalized in August, and we have been planning and practicing for the concert since then. A detailed poster and page design for the concert will be released on the 14th [through the reservation website]. If we decide to postpone or cancel the concert, we will receive a penalty and be unable to perform at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium for a year.”

The agency continued, “The health of our artists is also a top priority for our company. [MAMAMOO] took a long rest after shooting the music video, and are preparing for the album and concert in good condition.”

On November 10, MAMAMOO’s fan union gave another statement that read, “We can not agree with RBW’s insincere response. We will be boycotting the upcoming concerts’ fan club accreditation and reservations, concert-related official merchandise and DVDs, wreaths and other items of support, and goods from RBW’s official merchandise store.”

The fan union highlighted that the target of the boycott was RBW, not MAMAMOO, and continued, “We request specific feedback in regards to the improvement of artist treatment and postponement of the [December] concert. Until [RBW] releases a reasonable statement, we will be proactively pushing ahead with the boycott.”

MAMAMOO’s fandom has been actively posting the group’s detailed schedules on online communities and demanding a postponement to their concert by having the matter appear on their fancafe and real-time search rankings on different portal sites. Although fans will be boycotting MAMAMOO’s upcoming concert and merchandise related to it, they will still be supporting the release of their new album.

MAMAMOO will be releasing their eighth mini album “BLUE;S” on November 29, and will later be holding their “MAMAMOO F/W Concert” at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul on December 15-16.

“Hello. This is RBW. We apologize for not carefully checking fans’ opinions regarding MAMAMOO’s upcoming solo concert ‘4season F/W’ and for causing fans to worry.

“We are deeply realizing our responsibility for matters pertaining to this boycott. So that this kind of incident does not occur again, we will do our best to communicate and listen to the fans’ diverse opinions to apply them in the direction of MAMAMOO’s promotions.

The ‘4season F/W’ concert is part of the scheduled ‘Four Seasons Four Colors’ project, and much progress has been made in preparing for the concert. Therefore, because of this situation where [delaying the concert] can affect future release plans, we ask for understanding in that we have no choice but to continue with the concert as planned.

“We sincerely apologize once more for disappointing and worrying fans. Moving forward, we will prioritize our artist MAMAMOO’s health and pay more attention to their safety and management. Thank you.”

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lydzi 13th-Nov-2018 02:52 pm (UTC)
Oh wow. I'm amazed and in a good way rn. The fact that the fandom truly cares about the band's safety enough to take action against it is kinda admirable. But I don't exactly know how to feel about everything that comes from this still but it's a step toward somewhere at least.
nana_the_dwarf 13th-Nov-2018 03:04 pm (UTC)
If only other fandoms had the guts to do this. Idk if it would work on narcissistic douchebag YG, but fans fighting the only real way they can for BP and Lee Hi would be awesome. The only way they listen is when they hit their wallets.
juhli 13th-Nov-2018 03:07 pm (UTC)
I remember Winner fans also boycotted but like you already thought....YG didn't care.
lydzi 13th-Nov-2018 03:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it really depends on the company and their ego. In case of YG... well... he doesn't know how to manage (which is sad since he literally owns a management company). He only succeeds because he's good at crafting illusions that sells well.

That being said, yes yes yes and yes. Fans fighting for real stuff like that, I wish I saw this more. It's using power for good for once. I'm always weary about the fact that it would come with a certain entitlment if I may say it that way but at least, actions is being take. The apathy in this industry is what is truly dangerous, the all "it's always been like this" way of thinking.
aures 14th-Nov-2018 07:35 am (UTC)

i guess sometimes it's also difficult for a company to suddenly cancel stuff, like the concert - not only do you have the cancellation fee but there are also other jobs on the line, like either way you have to pay people for work they don't have to do or you have to 'fire' people + it would mess up their schedule a lot
but i do hope that it raises awareness of the company so they can make a better schedule in the future, anyway, i'm super proud of their fans, i mean who does that??? it's amazing! i'm so proud
petecarl 13th-Nov-2018 03:02 pm (UTC)
I hope the fans can get Mamamoo better working conditions and a break.
torontok 13th-Nov-2018 05:51 pm (UTC)
The fact that they have this kind of schedule plus they sing live almost all the time is a really bad combination for their voices
iglooaustralia 13th-Nov-2018 06:24 pm (UTC)
i'm honestly shocked the company reacted this way instead of making mamamoo write a bullshit ~we're ok!! we love our schedule!!! we're so happy!~ note or something
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