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TANY - Closure - The Empty Frame MV (Posthumous single)

Singer Tany passed away at the age of 20 in April this year due to a car accident, and condolences flooded in for the young singer’s family and friends. His agency has decided to release his posthumous single album “Closure-The Empty Frame” on November 14 with a music video. The song is a ballad that compares a sense of loss to empty picture frames. It was the last song Tany recorded a guide for, and the agency used that recording to complete the song.

The picture frames contain childhood photos of Tany and the video also includes the commemorative line, “We hope this will provide comfort for all those who remember Tany and Tany himself, who is now a star in the night sky.”

His agency H.O.M Company explained, “After the funeral, we were going through data relating to him when we came across this song that didn’t even have a title yet. We had planned for Tany to release an album at the end of this year, so we decided to create this single album to keep our promise with Tany. We hope that it will bring comfort to people.”

source: stone music entertainment, naver via soompi
Tags: death/suicide/funeral, music video, singer
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