8:54 pm - 11/14/2018

NCT127 'Simon Says' Teasers Pt 2 & Details

#NCT127’s repackage album ‘#NCT127_Regulate’ will contain 14 tracks, including the title track ‘#SimonSays,’ Korean version of ‘Chain,’ and a new song ‘Welcome To My Playground’ which TAEYONG and MARK participated in rap making!

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not f***ing chain...What We Talking Bout is RIGHT THERE
countthesaints 15th-Nov-2018 04:56 am (UTC)
I would rather have "Dreaming" or "100" instead of "Chain" (or even a Korean version of "What We Talkin' 'Bout"), but I like how quick SM is making the Chain EP obsolete. I expect the other two tracks to appear later down the line. Also, I'm not too thrilled about there being individual covers because I was hoping to snag one from a retailer nearby, but you can bet my ass is ordering the Taeil version if I can't find it in person.

And that is not Yuta's angle. I don't know how the hell you're gonna do that to a visual, but okay.

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