4:31 pm - 11/15/2018

Update on the Isu Station assault case

Yesterday, two women claimed to have been assaulted by men simply for being women "with short hair" and wrote a post sharing pictures of all their injuries, which led to a witch hunt of sorts against the men, inciting "Korean man hate" and a 300,000 signature national petition. (OMONA post here)
Celebrities like Oh Chohee jumped on SNS to talk about it and blame the man as well. Further investigations and CCTV later showed that the two women actually instigated the fight by verbally attacking the men first, making fun of them for their "Korean man" d*ck size and daring them to hit them first. Upon the CCTV being revealed, Oh Chohee issued an apology while others like San-E are being attacked by feminist groups for posting the CCTV footage.

Woman A: Honestly, if I were you, I wouldn’t go out with a dick like that.
Woman B: If my dick is 6.9 cm, I would just kill myself.
Woman A: My clitoris is bigger than your tiny dick.
Woman B: Hey, my clitoris is bigger than yours.
Woman B: But those assholes probably don’t know what a clitoris is because they’ve never dated women.
Woman A: Ahahaha.
Woman B: Hey, you guys don’t know what a clitoris is because you’ve never dated women, do you?
Woman A: 2 on 1 alone chikchikpokpok. (Rad fems call gay sex like this.)
Woman B: Idiot bastards. Idiot bastards. (Giving the middle finger.)
Woman A: Anal whoring chikchikpokpok.
Woman B: Idiots. Your dicks are 6.9 cm.
Woman A: 6.9 cm.
Woman B: You guys can’t date women… You guys can’t date women…
Woman A: You Megalian bitch. (In a sarcastic tone.)
Woman B: You Megalian bitch.
Woman A: Hey Oppa go out!
Woman B: You Megalian bitch.
Pub owner: Please be quiet.
Woman B: Huh?
Pub owner: Please be quiet.
Woman B: Go talk to those assholes.
Woman B: You guys are 6.9 cm. Idiot bastards.
Woman B: You guys are 6.9 cm.
Woman B: It means tiny dick? It means tiny dick? It means tiny dick?
Girlfriend: Can I call the police?
Woman A & B: Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Call them!

Another alleged video from the scene

Man: Try hitting me first. Try hitting me first. Fucking hit me, bitch.
Woman: You hit me! You can’t even do it when you got a dick?
Woman: You’ve never dated a woman, right? You are a virgin, right? You are gay, right? You sell your dick, right? You sell your ass, right?

sources: netizenbuzz, Tolex News, MBCNews, Substation @onehallyu
torontok 15th-Nov-2018 06:44 pm (UTC)
Another update is saying the woman's head injury was caused by a fall and not a direct attack. They're also being uncooperative with police with regards to giving statements and CCTV so I'm going to wait for more info. If others at the scene step forward we should get a clearer picture of what happened and who started what. If the men assaulted them, then lock them up because being verbally abused is not license to beat someone
The homophobia is not cute.

ETA: OneHallyu shared a translation of more articles and another two witnesses told MBC it was the one women who instigated the fight. The pub owner states the two women got physical first and barred the men from leaving.There is more CCTV backing this up.

Yeah there's too many holes in this story for me to believe the women are being 100% honest anymore.

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juhli 15th-Nov-2018 07:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the info!
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