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📚 [The Reader for You] with GOT7 Jinyoung (episode 6)

Book of the week: Ohn by Ahn Mi Ok

from the yt decription:
I never wanted to believe your words were true.
I never liked the things people acclaimed for its beauty.
To understand the silence, I had to exhaust my silence.

  From "A Lit Out Confession"

Even when you were hanging on a single-armed swing, no one realized you were caught in my prayers.

  From "The Origin of Summer"

How was it? Do you read poems, sometime? Reading a poem calms me and gives me a strength to learn something.

Sources: jyppictures / gif

Previously in [The Reader for You] series:

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This is the last episode. He introduces a poetry collection that was gifted to him and JB by the director of their Tomorrow, Today MV to help him understand the feeling the director wanted for the video.

Do you read/understand poetry, omona?

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