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Rapper Jerry.K says "You Are Not One" in response to San-Eww's "Feminist" song

After whatshisname released his not-so-feminist anthem yesterday, rapper Jerry.K dropped a track called "You Are Not One" today.

It seems like we both read one book on this
But the output is so different. Is it a difference int he hardware?
We're past the point of nice explanations
Your rap has thrown too much crap into the fans
You think your babbling is a half-empty cup of water
You're so bored you're complaining the other side still has something
So what if you're against things? Your standards are low
Your expression was tasteless as much as it was worthless
The only thing you said right is that both men and women are victims in the patriarchy
One tragic thing about that though, men created the patriarchy
If you don't know this from your sweat seat, you've missed more than a couple of points
There are more points than all the honey you let out during mid-summer night dream
Let's destroy the patriarchy together then, what's the hold-up
Let's do something about that 36.7% wage gap
And then men and women can pay half/half like you wanted
We don't want to let a woman be a CEO or a senator
And we're acting like making a woman only subway carts and buses make up for that absence
Six years ago, I released my song "You're Not a Lady"
Your standards stopped improving. Get away or get updated
The everyday fear women feel is more clear than your existence with your "fake fact" and "equalism" or whatever
You're denying what's true and what's not true. You're foolish
What's not true is what's not true. You skipped on military service

sources: @skimcasual, DAZE ALIVE
Tags: hip hop, san e, social issues
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