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Aqua - 'Log In' Music Video

On the 1st of November, Actozsoft revealed South Korea's very first Esports Girl Group called 'AQUA'.

Actozstars, run by Actozsoft, has produced a 6 person roster for AQUA. Kim Hye Rim (runner up from Kpop Star6), Yoon Hae Sul (from Produce 48), Kim Si-Hyun and Baek Hyun-joo (from Mix Nine), Yoo Soo Ah (from Produce 101), and Na Seing Ji (From LimeSoda) were all picked from their outstanding performances in the audition program.

All the members of AQUA are avid gamers who love to play video games casually and competitively. Sora, former professional Starcraft 2 player from MVP Chicken Maru, will be their manager. Hyung Eun, who had worked with OGN's Summoner's War Conquerors, will also be joining the organization as a support role.

The reasoning behind Actozsoft creating AQUA is due to the change in the market environment where demands for games and Esports related content are growing. Seen as a game content creation team, AQUA will be utilized by Actozsoft to directly engage and target game users.

Alongside its promotional activities related to the Esports industry and careers as singers, AQUA is expected to bring fresh air into the market.

AQUA is planned to be active starting from 2018 November and appear in game broadcasting programs/contents produced by Actozsoft. In addition to all this, 'Zigzag Note' (a producing team for BTS, TWICE, and APINK) are working with AQUA to release a fresh dance song called "Log In" this month.

Goohibin, CEO of Actozsoft, has said "Pro gamers and streamers are already enjoying and receiving as much popularity as celebrities. The business that helps these people grow has become one of the forefront categories in the entertainment industry."

source: GENIE MUSIC, invenglobal

as far as people know this is a project group since the Limesoda girls are still being billed as part of Limesoda and SEEART recently got rebranded as OAHSIS with Sua and Hyunjoo still in the lineup but who knows!
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