2:49 pm - 11/17/2018

FM201.8-10: Weki Meki's Sei x Ants 'You And Me'

A quick reminder: FM201.8 is Fantagio's equivalent of SM Station (FM = Fantagio Music), except that with a few exceptions, it's just single/collaboration releases with no music videos. It started in January 2018.

FM201.8-01Hz, January 3: Twenty-something (mv) by Song Ju Hee (Alice of Hello Venus) ft. Yooyoung (HV)
FM201.8-02Hz, February 7: Because I'm a Fool Bily Acoustie & San Ha (Astro)
FM201.8-03Hz, March 30: Run To You by Seoyoung (HV) & Yeoreum (HV)
FM201.8-04Hz, April 30: Language by Ji Suyeon (Weki Meki) & Moon Bin (Astro)
FM201.8-05Hz, May 23: Like a King ft. SUPERBEE, myunDO (mv) by JinJin (Astro)
FM201.8-06Hz, June 27: Your House by Martin Smith & Rina (WM)
FM201.8-07Hz, July 31: Miss You ft. Jero by Lime (HV)
FM201.8-08Hz, August 30: Like Today by MJ (Astro) & Lucy (WM)
FM201.8-09Hz, September 28: Sweet Dream by Herz Analog & Elly (WM)

source: Lucky Dream
scribblyness_x 17th-Nov-2018 11:03 pm (UTC)
everyone should listen to mj and lucy's collab

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