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Female rapper SLEEQ claps back at San E with "Equalist" + San E responds to Jerry K with "6.9cm"

Wow when I heard that someone was saying "feminism rap coming soon"
I said, oh yes, that's right, the year's almost over
Till when am I going to be the only one here?
Yes, it's about time everyone knew
Actually it's long overdue but still, and then
I saw your name and WTF
I wasn't even interested in hearing your lyrics
Yet you came crawling back anyway
But I can tell you didn't do any studying at all

You're so shameless, typical baseless confidence of Korean men
You act out trusting in the power of your dick and the size shows
Reading a single book suddenly makes you a feminist
Oh, you worked so hard. Wow, it's been a while since you read a book, right?

I was quite surprised when I read your lyrics
I heard all the people who do hip hop follow what goes on in the US
Make lots of money and met lots of girls
What else could you be saying with all that misogyny already there

But I saw that you were saying things from like 500 years ago
You're saying things your grandma probably used to hear

There's no gender discrimination these days
Our country is advanced, we're a member of the OECD
Women don't have to go to the army
Women don't split the bill on dates
There are too many gold diggers out there
They steal our spots on subways and parking lots too

I'm hearing things from you I don't even hear from the old grandpas on Line 1 anymore
You say, 'I'm no fucking prince', but whoever called you a prince in the first place
"I don't hate women. Actually, my problem is that I love women too much"
You talk about misogyny when you can't even define it, everyone but you sees right through it

The things you want
For women to also go to the army, for women to split the bill on dates
To get rid of women-only parking lots and seats designated for pregnant women
To split the costs equally in half when a couple gets married
For misandry to stop, for reverse discrimination to stop
Get rid of WOMAD, get rid of Megall
To trust you, because you're different from other men

The things I want
For you to not kill me
For you to not rape me
For you to not beat me
For you to not blame the victim after killing, raping and beating them
For you to not push me out of the system while telling me to blame the system

Lyrics translation by @Melodia_Muse

There's no full English translation yet, because no one wants to waste their time, but here's a snippet of it: "Jerry K you're a Womad bitchboy, 6.9cm that's your dick though."

[Lyrics translation]Thanks a lot Jerry.K, Because of you
I got a good opportunity to explain I saw your Instagram
Of course no one deserves to be beat up
But Jerry.K, you should be beat up from this early in the morning

I know guys like this really well
I thought of you after writing the song
The guy in the song says he’s a feminist
But like the rap lyrics
Real feelings are shameless and don’t respect women

The meaning of my lyrics saying I read a book us that
The narrator with a point of view that narrow…ugh… let’s stop
Your brain and below-average level Megalia who need me to explain
Like this to understand My bad, sorry

Yo, a difference in hardware? Bullshit
Saying to return Saying that
It’s alright, Listen to some of his words (he said)
Using violence and supporting the May 18 Uprising
Asking why it’s not okay when “Korean men bugs” is just an assertion (he said)

It’s very worth examining your mind that asks
To accept that all men are potential sex offenders
Discuss development
(Before that) (for you) look at the comic I recommend when you go to Nolsoop

Opportunist bastard In order to gain temporary popularity
Tweeting Mining for femicoin
Disgusting rap every time you open your mouth
Get some scaling done I can smell it woo
Get some Listerine gross wooo

Daze Alive Daze Alive
Contradictory life

Said the dongsaeng is family and forced an apology post
Didn’t look forwards or backwards Ruling ended up being not guilty
Was not guilty, not even innocent
Ay Don Malik, let’s do a song together with the title Jerry die
Is there nothing we can do about this political extremist
Secondary victimization petition click

Bitch I been going continuously with conviction
Not afraid of getting cursed at
MegalNation Thanks to
The song posted yesterday, XEXYMIX event cancelled

I don’t give a fuck Womad is poison
Feminist no, they are mentally ill
Jerry.K, you’re Womad bitchboy
6.9cm that’s your dick though

How does that song encourage misogyny
You lack comprehension abilities so you probably didn’t look at the whole song and just the lyrics

Preconception, the way you want to hear it If you looked more deeply
About man who appeared as narrator and his hypocrisy and contradiction
Of being different on the outside and inside and woman who has been oppressed until now

Misogyny leader?
Journalists, what is new about what they have repeated everyday
Witch hunt, why do you blame it on me
Ah right, that’s your specialty Are you happy to make money with misfortune of others?
Said to not judge appearance Malicious comments degrading face
In the time that you are mirroring, look at the mirror, look at ya eyes
Look at ya mouth, what do you see?
Face of killer looking inside of ya heart

We live in a society of misogyny Taking sides and deadly hunt
If you don’t believe it, look at the comments Finally, what I want to say?
Normal people of course listen attentively
And try to cause change for gender equality together, but Megal

No matter what, they say men are going against women
Bringing in false propaganda, get the fuck out
That’s not women’s rights
Why, what’s wrong with Womad and Ilbe?
If that’s your belief, I respect
But if it is, tell me fast so I can draw the line quick

Bitch I been going continuously with conviction
Not afraid of getting cursed at
MegalNation Thanks to
The song posted yesterday, XEXYMIX event cancelled

I don’t give a fuck Womad is poison
Feminist no, they are mentally ill
Jerry.K, you’re Womad bitchboy
6.9cm that’s your dick though

Am I lying?
Am I making up a story?
I’m just saying what I’m seeing
Hatred all over the society
You think I’m the one
Who’s making this situation worse
Nah we all have it
I’m just pulling it out

Source: San E, CronoDroid, Melodia_Muse, daze alive, soompi

Edit: Updated the post with translations for 6.9cm
Edit 2: Jerry.K posted in reply to the new track, “I am not creating a new song in response. And if you are angry about being cut from an event, get angry at the company, but also think about the company’s point of view before that."
Tags: hip hop, san e, sexism, social issues, underground/crews
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