5:27 pm - 11/18/2018

GOT7 3rd Album "Present : YOU" &ME Edition Teaser Video & Album Preview

[JB did a solo vlive and talked about the new album]

[They´re doing the IG teasers again]

Sources: GOT7 1 2 / 110bird_wb / imjaebeomee

So afaik we're getting a new MV (that's already been filmed) and new songs... and the title's called Miracle?.... but pastels and pink, JB? Don't scare me like that man. (why do I even bother with these teasers & spoilers they never make any sense and are notoriously deceitful, just give us another christmas jam like Confession Song tbh)
daynr 18th-Nov-2018 08:13 pm (UTC)
that teaser was boring as shit. I don't need a ballad from the high-pitched nasal singers, with a little faux-deep thrown in, and I'm not convinced they'll let Jinyoung bring his deeper tone (is it even nice? it's a mystery.)

however, I will forgive them if the pastels are pastel boxers and see them in detail.
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