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Hyuna and EDawn Compliment And Tease Each Other In Affectionate Live Broadcast

On November 20, HyunA and E’Dawn appeared in a casual Instagram Live broadcast together.

E’Dawn began the live broadcast on his Instagram account while in the car with HyunA and some other friends. Although he was awkward at first, HyunA helped him get over his difficulties with the unfamiliar format. After playing around a bit, HyunA asked E’Dawn to name the 5 things he liked about her.

When he picked her big eyes, she asked if they weren’t scary and he affectionately replied in the negative. He then picked her good appetite.

Whenever he was unable to come up with a specific example and said, “There’s just a lot,” HyunA would affectionately tease him to keep him on track. He joked, “She hits hard, kicks hard, and has sturdy teeth.” She playfully threatened in response, “I’ll get you back for that.”

She then picked the things she liked about E’Dawn saying, “You’re not handsome but you’re cute. You look cool when you’re working, like writing songs. You’re kind.”

At the end, E’Dawn needed her help in turning off Instagram Live and they said goodbye together before ending the broadcast.

source: oliviainneverland, naver via soompi, @soompi
Tags: couple, ex-group members, hyuna, pentagon, social media
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