12:07 pm - 11/21/2018

key - face, the first album - teasers (#4)

though not all track details have been released, it has been revealed that key participated in the lyric writing for four of the ten songs on face. the songs include: "아이 윌 파이트 (i will fight)", "이지 투 러브 (easy to love)", "미워 (the duty of love)", and "디스 라이프 (this life)". "아이 윌 파이트 (i will fight)" is an r&b ballad with lyrics that have someone pledging to themselves that they will "overcome and win over the current situations" they're facing. "이지 투 러브 (easy to love)" is a house r&b song that combines "a groovy synthesizer and a sweet electric piano melody that honestly expresses the feeling of being lonely alone but too afraid to start a relationship". "미워 (the duty of love)" is a pop rock song (with the korean title of "i hate you") that involves someone "cutely" complaining to a selfish lover. "디스 라이프 (this life)" is a progressive house song with a message similar to crape diem or yolo.

[+3 and album cover]

note: the other cover will be white. cover image isn't known yet.




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kenata 21st-Nov-2018 07:51 pm (UTC)
"a message similar to...yolo" is killing me tbh lmfao

i'm super excited to hear this album since r&b and slow jams are my favourite genres! my preorder for this album just got cancelled though since my country isn't receiving packages at this time...sigh...wish me luck with trying to obtain this album...
lightframes 22nd-Nov-2018 02:34 am (UTC)
r&b and slow jams are my favourite genres


R&BNee is my favorite
vintage_boom 22nd-Nov-2018 01:30 am (UTC)
I rly rly love the album cover! It's so wonderfully him but still fits with the ace/base visuals
lightframes 22nd-Nov-2018 02:32 am (UTC)
Key, this album better not make me cry, for real

Also that cover reminds me of Misconceptions (signed, me, one of those Shawols who mentions Misconceptions all the time even when it's not warranted)
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