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key - face, the first album - teasers (#4)

though not all track details have been released, it has been revealed that key participated in the lyric writing for four of the ten songs on face. the songs include: "아이 윌 파이트 (i will fight)", "이지 투 러브 (easy to love)", "미워 (the duty of love)", and "디스 라이프 (this life)". "아이 윌 파이트 (i will fight)" is an r&b ballad with lyrics that have someone pledging to themselves that they will "overcome and win over the current situations" they're facing. "이지 투 러브 (easy to love)" is a house r&b song that combines "a groovy synthesizer and a sweet electric piano melody that honestly expresses the feeling of being lonely alone but too afraid to start a relationship". "미워 (the duty of love)" is a pop rock song (with the korean title of "i hate you") that involves someone "cutely" complaining to a selfish lover. "디스 라이프 (this life)" is a progressive house song with a message similar to crape diem or yolo.

[+3 and album cover]

note: the other cover will be white. cover image isn't known yet.




source(s): yes24 (1) - @alittlefreakey (1 / 2 / 3 / 4) - donga (1) - @mintdelighto525 (1) - - @shinee (1)
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