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Song Mino Opens Up About His Struggle With A Panic Disorder

WINNER’s Song Mino spoke about struggling with a panic disorder on JTBC’s “Human Intelligence” (literal title).

“Human Intelligence” is a pilot variety show that explores the concept of a future version of human intelligence helping a user. The “users” of this technology are Min Kyung Hoon, Song Mino, and IZ*ONE who are joined by stars playing the roles of artificial intelligence, including Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon who’s an expert in camping, writer Kim Jung Ki who’s an expert in drawing, and Kim Jong Min who’s an expert in variety shows.

On November 23, Song Mino spent a special day with his A.I.

Song Mino wanted to capture his life in a drawing, and Kim Jung Ki first asked about the rapper’s life story in order to do this.

The WINNER member replied, “Right now is my life’s highlight. I think I’m receiving the most amount of love right now. I’m thankful. But as thankful as I am, I’m also having more thoughts. There are many difficult things as well.”

He confessed, “I had a panic disorder. Earlier this year, my panic disorder was severe. I didn’t think it was [a panic disorder], but many things piled on and it happened. I need to always only show a good appearance to the public and always shine, but there are a lot of things I need to deal with and am responsible for behind-the-scenes. I talked a lot with people around me who struggled with panic disorders and got better.”

source: @soompi, X-Sports News|Naver TV via soompi
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