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Baekhyun complains about Sasaengs on Insta Live, asks fans for permission to go on a diet

On a recent Instagram Live session, Baekhyun once again called out Sasaengs and their stalking behavior. He also talked about his health, asked fans for permission to lose weight and listed the things he was told (by sasaengs) to change in order to get more popular. In addition, he told fans that they can stop buying albums now and to buy something warm instead, like a padded jacket.


Are they an attention-seeker? Must be somebody that wants to interrupt this Instagram live. This must be it. I think this way. Our members' phone numbers float around the internet because of sasaengs.....
I get hundreds of calls/messages a day, and sometimes there are times when I can't even read my parents' messages because they all get pushed back. It's not hard for me, but... since you guys can say bad things I don't post about it, and I have messed up in the past...
I'm trying to be careful every time, and I'm trying to work hard every time. I just want everybody to be happy. There's nothing that changed from the day I debuted til now.
The reason why I can't really turn on lives well (vlive and ig) is that I can't continue on if it's somewhere without wifi. It keeps getting disconnected..... That's why I try to hold lives at places with wifi.
Even if I get calls from sasaengs, even if I don't get calls, I try to communicate with fans a lot. I don't know what they're curious about, but, it's kinda amazing/mysterious, to be honest....
Our eris are lovely. Sasaengs... Honestly, if I keep bringing them up, I think they'll like it. Ah, also, this isn't anything worth mentioning, but our eris told me to say it, so I'll say it. One fan... ah, this is ridiculous.
They told me that to get more reactions, I need black hair, get lenses, wear a Chanel hat, and... they told me that that's how I get reactions. That I'm getting no reactions right now. They keep sending me that message every day, at early mornings, every single day.
I was getting immensely stressed. They said that that's what people that like Baekhyun want. But that's not it. The fact that they generalized all people that like Baekhyun made me mad. Exo-l's like everything I do. Anyway, that happened. It was funny. I changed to red hair, right?
They said that it had to be a deeper red for it to be liked more. Isn't it ridiculous... I'm now going to go on a diet. Just a little bit. "I now hate chanel hats" haha!
My face has been so bloated lately, and it's uncomfortable... I want exo-l's permission this time... I can go on the diet, right? I want to show a better me to our eris. Just about... 3 kgs!
I got an health examination recently, and back when I had abs, my body fat percentage was 8-9%. But now it's 10% -- i ate a lot. Eating made me happy. I got that common thing called a "yo-yo!"
I really get happy from eating! My favorite food? Pizza! I really do think that I love pizza the most. Pizza is so good... Ah... I want to do things such as Youtube when I get time. I have confidence that I'll eat things really deliciously! Like mukbangs!
Our exo-ls are bad at gaming so i can teach you guys gaming... just small things like that.... I really do think times have changed. You can't see real-time reactions with tv shows so I think they're not as fun. I like live broadcasts much better.
They might say, "your standards are being lowered!" but what are "my standards?" I don't care. Yeah, that's right. I don't have anything like that. I just want to talk a lot with exo-ls!

source: xo124, @xiumindeullae (thread)
Tags: cray cray sasaengs, exo, social media
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