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YouTuber Sucking Sunday exposes swindlers on the streets of Seoul

YouTuber Sucking Sunday has taken to exposing swindlers in Seoul that go after Koreans and foreigners alike to try and get money for their religious cults. He has no problem being loud and bringing attention to the situations he stumbles upon and detests these swindlers for taking advantage of people and painting Korea(ns) in a bad light.

English subtitles available if you click CC!

In this video you can see the host interacting with a foreigner that had been talking to the swindlers.

This video shows how he talks to the swindler to show how they talk to people and then eventually tell them they need to pay.

source: Sucking Sunday on YouTube

I'll be visiting Korea again for the second time in a few weeks and the first video randomly popped up on my recommended videos on YouTube and I got sucked into this series. Is there a similar scam in your country, Omonians? And for those of you who have been to/live in Seoul, how big of a problem really are these people? Totally not doing this to paint Koreans in a bad light, I just thought this guy's investigative journalism methods were funny, lol. Something similar happened to me on a college campus here in the US and I immediately knew something was up as soon as they brought up god and wanting to get to know more people in the area.
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