2:56 pm - 11/26/2018

PENTAGON covers "Love in the Ice" in their Japanese Showcase. OP is crying!


CUBE boy groups always covers a DBSK song on their Japanese showcase. BTOB did a cover of Bolero and Wasurenaide before. PENTAGON performed Doushite. I have since been waiting for one of them do do "Love in the Ice" (its my favorite DB5K song). And its finally here performed by Hongseok, Yeo One, Yan An, Shinwon, Hui and Jinho. I have to say Yan An's voice was a good match for Jaejoong's parts at the start, Hongseok was stable, Hui did Junsu's part flawlessly and Jinho was perfect with his high notes!
babyjenkski 27th-Nov-2018 06:26 am (UTC)
Yes, you're correct! People loves TVXQ a lot in Japan and their songs are very popular there so it is always a big plus when new groups covers their songs. However, its not that easy hahaha we all know that TVXQ songs are mostly pretty hard. Glad that Pentagon was able to do a good cover of their songs.

Have fun watching TVXQ concert!
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