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‘Swing Kids’ Cast Praise Do Kyung-Soo Saying He “Has it all”

On Monday afternoon, some of the creative minds and cast behind the movie Swing Kids talked about the film on Naver’s V-Live portal site. In summary, the new musical flick is based on the stage play musical Rho Ki-soo, directed by Kang Hyeong-cheol. In the film, a ragtag group of inmates at Geoji prison camp during the Korean War become a dance group.

To prepare for the role, EXO member Do Kyung-soo revealed that he took to wearing his tap dance shoes for about ten months, even when he wasn’t practicing. According to the singer and actor, dancing is an important part of his character in the film.

As such, he wanted felt he needed to really nail down the moves his character executes in the movie. To do so, he trained for five months with a tap dancing teacher. However, even after the training period, he continued to meet with the instructor prepare for the role as much as possible.

His hard work definitely did not go unnoticed. Co-star Park Hye-su commented that Do is always diligent and a hard worker. Talking about him, Su said that she thinks he is a “true genius” and seems to “have it all” in regards to talent and skill. Moreover, actor Oh Jung-se who is also in the film also spoke about Do’s skills. “At first I thought he was similar to us, but he had less time to practice but by the next week, he did better than us,” Oh said.

Meanwhile, Swing Kids premieres on December 19 in Korea.

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily
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