9:32 pm - 11/28/2018

Rain’s Agency Gives Statement After Meeting Alleged Victims Of Fraud + Promises To Take Legal Action

Rain’s agency Rain Company has given an update on the situation surrounding his parents being accused of fraud.

Previously, a netizen posted on an online community that Rain’s parents had borrowed rice and cash in 1988, and that his parents had never paid them back. The netizen also uploaded a photo of a promissory note regarding the debt. Later that day, Rain’s agency issued a press release saying that they were trying to verify the truth of the matter.

On November 28, Rain Company issued another official statement, where they stated that Rain’s father and a company representative had met with the alleged victims and had been unable to verify the documents regarding the loan at the meeting. The agency also stated that when the debt was verified, Rain would pay back the amount, but that the company would also be taking legal action against the alleged victims for defamation.

Read Rain Company’s full statement below:

“Hello, this is Rain Company.

“On November 27, there was a post on an online community regarding our agency’s artist Rain’s mother. Because she is deceased, he had to verify the actual nature of the relationship. We have confirmed that a representative of our company and Rain’s father personally met the netizen and tried to have a discussion.

“However, there was no IOU present when they met, and they were unable to check the original promissory note. [The netizen] claimed the relevant account book was at home, so they were unable to confirm [its existence].

“Additionally, the alleged victims have requested 100 million won (approximately $88,700) as settlement money, for insulting and abusive language the family underwent.

“In the end, as [Rain’s father and the company representative] were unable to verify the documents at the meeting, they made the decision that [the settlement money] was not just.

“Through a fair verification process of the amount of the debt the alleged victims are claiming to be owed, and after confirming the amount, Rain will take moral responsibility as a son and repay the full amount.

“However, the alleged victims are severely defaming the names of our artist Rain, his father, and especially his deceased mother, through malicious interviews and the expressions they have brought up (“disappearance,” “fraud,” “refusing to admit,” etc.).

“So that our artist and his family members’ good names will be restored, we will be proceeding with all possible legal procedures in civil and criminal cases.”

source: @soompi, naver via soompi
modestgoddess79 28th-Nov-2018 08:53 pm (UTC)
They sound like scam artist. Why didn’t they bring the proof of the debt to the meeting? Maybe it doesn’t exist.
daynr 28th-Nov-2018 11:33 pm (UTC)
Rain has been famous and rich for many years, why is this now coming to light?
honeebs 29th-Nov-2018 04:08 am (UTC)


"World Star"
Many moons
Oh member that one time the Hoon family borrowed rice and cash? We should put them on blast and get won. Plan.
jaelissi 29th-Nov-2018 02:41 pm (UTC)
Okay, so if after 30 years I hadnt managed to get back the money I had loaned someone (provided I hadn't already forgotten like 29 years ago), I don't think I'd be bringing it up with kind words either. So the defamation suit is a bit.... Trying to get 100million won out of it is too much, but some sort of interest should be paid if it's all true.
That's my 20 cents.
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