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Changsub to release his first Korean solo album!

On November 28, his agency Cube Entertainment confirmed that the idol will be releasing a solo album mid-December.

Having demonstrated his aptitude for composing and lyric-writing, Changsub is working hard to show an upgraded version of himself as a vocalist through his new solo music. He is currently focusing on finishing preparations for his solo album following the release of BTOB’s special album “Hour Moment” earlier this month and the conclusion of his musical “Iron Mask.”

While not his first solo release, given his track “At the End” for BTOB’s solo project “Piece of BTOB” and Japanese solo album “BPM 82.5,” this will be Changsub’s first Korean solo album.

source: @soompi, naver 1 2 via soompi
Tags: btob, comebacks, solo activities
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