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Prosecution Begins Process To Get Microdot’s Parents Extradited

On November 29, the Cheongju District Prosecutors’ Office announced it is considering taking legal proceedings to extradite the rapper’s parents who are suspected of hiding overseas after borrowing a large sum of money from acquaintances.

A source from the prosecution said, “The couple (in New Zealand) did not clearly express their intention to enter the country voluntarily. Even if the New Zealand authorities ask for the extradition of them, it will take some time for the actual repatriation as the local judicial authorities still have a judgment process.”

With the prosecution’s proposal, the Ministry of Justice will carry out the extradition by making a request to New Zealand. Microdot’s parents, who left Korea in 1998, are now citizens of New Zealand. In order to investigate them in Korea, the government must take steps for extradition. New Zealand is a country that signed a treaty with Korea on criminal law cooperation.

Previously, the police requested that Interpol issue a Red Notice for the couple.

As of now, Microdot has stepped down from all programs due to the fraud accusation against his parents.

source: @soompi naver via soompi
Tags: court / legal issues, family
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