7:51 pm - 11/29/2018

YG Ent using YT's copyright system to take down videos criticizing Jennie's lackluster performances

source: K-Vids, CronoDroid on r/kpop

Criticism on YG and Jennie is valid, hate towards her not. Stay on the right side Omona!
juhli 30th-Nov-2018 12:11 am (UTC)
I made the experience that "attitude controversies" happen to both female and male idols. If they are warranted or not is another thing.

The channel that posted the Jennie vid does vids on all controversies. When you google "attitude controversy", you get results for both female and male idols.

I do think that female idols get much harsher criticism though... like all that hate whenever a female idol supports feminism.

never see fangirls willing to make one of this videos about oppa
Neither do fangirls make those vids about their 'unnies' or fanboys about their biases...idg the point.
sra_interesante 30th-Nov-2018 03:12 am (UTC)
that's fine , i kinda dont care if you dont get my point .... i already saw your other replies in this post, you won't get it :)
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