7:51 pm - 11/29/2018

YG Ent using YT's copyright system to take down videos criticizing Jennie's lackluster performances

source: K-Vids, CronoDroid on r/kpop

Criticism on YG and Jennie is valid, hate towards her not. Stay on the right side Omona!
sheisagentleman 30th-Nov-2018 03:24 am (UTC)
tbh i don't like jennie (it's really a very personal point of view lol i know it's subjective) but i was SHOCKED by a video i saw of her in a fansign. she was cute and nice and honest and open..and Alive. i had only seen her performances before that so i felt like i was seeing someone else.

obviously it's not about her being lazy necessarily (i agree w you. i don't think she has charisma lol) but she's probably the type of person who can't really fake happiness and her misery (?) is just slipping through the cracks
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