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Dok2 Announces New Release in Response to Recent Controversy

On November 30, Dok2 took to his Instagram to announce an upcoming release. The track “Be Careful with Your Words” (literal translation) reportedly contains the rapper’s full answer to the recent controversy involving his mother.

Along with the picture, the rapper said, “I will state my full response in the song. I don’t mean to use this controversy as a marketing method for my new track. As a rapper, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the right thing for me to do. Whether it’s right or not. I will release my new single next Monday at 6 p.m., KST.”

Recently, the rapper was thrown in hot water for making an offensive comment in response to the controversy involving his mother. When an old friend of his mother came forward arguing that Dok2’s mother had borrowed a loan of 10 million won from 20 years ago and never paid them back, the rapper took to his live Instagram broadcast to make a comment.

In the broadcast, Dok2 said, “Ten million won is not a lot of money. That’s how much I spend on food every month. The amount of money doesn’t make the slightest impact on the quality of our lives.

The rapper’s comment rubbed the netizens the wrong way, with many commenting that it sounded thoughtless and somewhat out of touch.

source: KpopLove via Korea Daily & dok2gonzo
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