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2018 Melon Music Awards - Winners & Performances


Top 10
Wanna One

Best Album Of The Year
WinnerBTS – LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear'
NomineesEXO – “Universe – Winter Special Album 2017”
Wanna One – “0+1=1 (I PROMISE YOU)”
iKON – “Return”
MAMAMOO – “Yellow Flower”
Bolbbalgan4 – “Red Diary Page.2”
Camila Cabello – “Camila”
Heize – “Wind”

Best Song Of The Year
WinneriKON - Love Scenario
NomineesBTS – “Fake Love”
BTOB – “Only One For Me”
Red Velvet – “Bad Boy”
MAMAMOO – “Starry Night”
TWICE – “Heart Shaker”
Apink – “I’m So Sick”
GFRIEND – “Time for the Moon Night”
Chungha – “Roller Coaster”
Paul Kim – “Every Day, Every Moment”
BIGBANG – “Flower Road”
Roy Kim – “Only Then”
Camila Cabello – “Havana”
Bolbbalgan4 – “Travel”
MOMOLAND – “BBoom BBoom”
Loco, Hwasa (MAMAMOO) – “Don’t”
DEAN – “instagram”
MeloMance – “You”
Shaun – “Way Back Home”

Best Artist Of The Year
Wanna One

Best Record Of The Year
Wanna One

Best New Artist (Male)
WinnerThe Boyz
NomineesYoo Seon Ho
Stray Kids

Best New Artist (Female)

Best Dance Award (Female)
NomineesChungha – “Roller Coaster”
MAMAMOO – “Starry Night”
TWICE – “Heart Shaker”
MOMOLAND – “BBoom BBoom”

Best Dance Award (Male)
WinnerWanna One – “Boomerang”
NomineesEXO-CBX – “Blooming Day”
NU’EST W – Dejavu
SEVENTEEN – “Thanks”
Seungri (BIGBANG) – “1, 2, 3!”

Best Indie
WinnerMeloMance – “Tale”
Nominees10cm – “Mattress”
Shaun – “Way Back Home”
Yun Ddan Ddan – “In My Room”
OVAN – “Drunk Night (Feat. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child)”

Best R&B / Soul
WinnerIU – “BBIBBI”
NomineesDEAN – “instagram”
BIGBANG – “Flower Road”
Yang Da Il – “Lie”
Zico – “Soulmate (Feat. IU)”

Best Pop
WinnerCamila Cabello – “Havana”
NomineesCharlie Puth – “Attention”
Imagine Dragons – “Thunder”
Marshmello, Anne-Marie – “FRIENDS”
“The Greatest Showman” Ensemble – “This Is Me”

Best Trot
WinnerHong Jin Young – “Good Bye”
NomineesKang Ho Dong, Hong Jin Young – “I Kicked My Luck Off”
Kim Young Chul – “Andenayon (Feat. Wheesung)”
Na Hoon-a – “Hongshi”
Boom – “Boy Next Door”

Best Rap / Hip-Hop Song
WinnerBTS – “Fake Love”
NomineesWINNER – “Everyday”
iKON – “Love Scenario”
Heize – “Jenga (Feat. Gaeko)”
HAON – “Boong Boong (Feat. Sik-K) (Prod. GroovyRoom)”

Best Ballad Song
WinnerRoy Kim – “Only Then”
NomineesBTOB – “Only One for Me”
Yong Junhyung (Highlight) – “Sudden Shower”
Loco, Hwasa (MAMAMOO) – “Don’t”
MeloMance – “You”

Best Rock Song
WinnerMin Kyung Hoon, Heechul (Super Junior) – “After Effects”
NomineesDAY6 – “I Like You”
Sungkyu (INFINITE) – “True Love”
Hyukoh – “Lova Ya!”
OOHYO – “Honey Tea”

Best OST
WinnerPaul Kim – “Every Day, Every Moment”
NomineesRoy Kim – “No Longer Mine”
Heize – “Would Be Better”
MeloMance – “Good Day”
Sondia – “Adult”

Kakao Hot Star

Best Song Writer
iKON’s B.I

Hot Trend Award
Loco and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa – “Don’t”

Best Music Video
GFRIEND – “Time for the Moon Night”

Stage of The Year
Lee Sun Hee – “Climax”

1theK Performance Award

Netizen Popularity Award

Global Artist

Performances (in chronological order)

Sources: soompi, Korean Music Shows, Skpb K-Music Live [VOD], MsHackworth, K-POP Time, Taeweishin, Precisous ONF

I thought the show was great! What are your favorite performances and moments?
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vintage_boom 1st-Dec-2018 06:07 pm (UTC)
Only watched a few of them.

I think (g) I-dle did a good job for their first big award show. Cube rly went all out on their performance and that La ta ta remix sounded amazing. I’m glad they did something new with their songs and soyeon got the change to rap solo. Hopefully for mama they look less nervous.

Momoland rly had the best energy I don’t think they get enough credit for their performances because they fall on the meme side but they rly do perform it like it’s the most fun thing in the world every single time.

Mamamoo’s I watched because twitter said they sounded the best and they did compared to the others I watched. The outfits were atrocious tho. Fire your stylist honestly.

Bp...oh boy YGE didn’t even try for that one. Now they’re just embarrassing the girls and they’ve been taking care of that enough on their own lately the company didn’t need to add to it. They put in all that effort for iKon’s stage and made the girls do a music show goodbye stage quality perf instead of anything close to what an award show performance should be.
a_suitcase 1st-Dec-2018 07:07 pm (UTC)
Yes yes, this is why I'm so happy that Momoland got a performance award - they really are great on stage!
kaykaydelight 1st-Dec-2018 06:18 pm (UTC)
I only watched for BP and honestly I’m just so fed up with YGE. The utter lack of respect and effort put in for these girls is astonishing and a slap to the face to all the fans. That sexist pig YG should never be allowed to manage any female artist.
lydzi 1st-Dec-2018 06:28 pm (UTC)



I'm done with YGE since 2ne1 but my God... does he seem to make a point of proving everyday how crappy he is in reality.

Edited at 2018-12-01 06:34 pm (UTC)
benihime99 1st-Dec-2018 06:31 pm (UTC)
Idle stage was nice, I'm not a fan of all the choice that were made, but they delivered. They occupied the stage, their perf was entertaining
I hope more and more people notice them

Edited at 2018-12-01 06:32 pm (UTC)
lydzi 1st-Dec-2018 06:40 pm (UTC)
I loved (G)-Idle but then, egyptian/goldish stuff are my thing. It's a bit kitsch but it's shiny and Cleopatr-esque ♥ Anyway, So-Yeon is just magnificent, I would honestly watch anything with her.
lydzi 1st-Dec-2018 06:34 pm (UTC)
BTS Idol intro was honestly stage of the year imo. The all Hoseok throwing the fan, Jimin catching it then throwing the white fabric and Jungkook catching it was visual masterpiece. The dance, the music, I was with stars in my eyes tbh.


pourtant 1st-Dec-2018 07:45 pm (UTC)
those gifs are gorgeous qskfhd the whole thing was beautiful
pinklunacy 1st-Dec-2018 06:55 pm (UTC)
I finally had time to catch up up with everything I missed during the live streaming. Overall I'm pretty happy with that show. I hope Mama can keep up! Congrats to all the winners!! (side-eyeing Fake Love for best Rap and Boomerang/BP for best dance, though)

I found Gfriend's dance intro a little lacking but the girl were so so so pretty. Especially Sowon - her hair were gorgeous.

Love Scenario was super nice. Really happy they got that SOTY Daesang. At least YGE did good on one front because...

...Echoing everyone's comments about BP. That performance was definitely lackluster, esp compared to the other artists competing for Daesangs. My girl Jisoo was really pretty tho. On a side note, I have a small problem with Rosé's voice. She has a nice tone (reminds me a bit of Bom's) but she always sounds really strained during performance (also reminds me of Bom). Can't be good for her vocal chords.

Mamamoo's stage was great, vocal wise - their releases this year were all really good tbh - but the styling was a big turn off. Solar pole dancing in lingerie had me like :/ I'm really not fond of the image their company is trying to push on them (if they're not embracing it themselves, for all i know), especially on Solar and Hwasa.

I don't follow much of Wanna One but they sounded really good. I'm gonna check these songs. I'm a little confused about that group though. Weren't they supposed to "disband" at some point, like IOI did? It seems very unlikely now considering how big they are but I really don't know much about them.

Also, repeating my comment from the streaming post but BTS delivered an amazing performance. That IDOL remix was really good. And the Album of the year Daesang for LY:Tear is so well deserved <33

Edited at 2018-12-01 06:57 pm (UTC)
vintage_boom 1st-Dec-2018 06:59 pm (UTC)
Wanna One disbands at the end of this month. Their contract was longer than IOIs.
stani_mnt 1st-Dec-2018 07:00 pm (UTC)
I need this version of Idol uploaded on Spotify. It was amazing but it makes me wonder what are their plans for MAMA stage because I don't see how they can top this.

I'm happy that G-idle won an award. I became a fan after the League of Legends' K/DA song was released even though I had Latata on my playlist for months.
pepper 1st-Dec-2018 07:14 pm (UTC)
BTS' Idol performance was gorgeous. I loved the more traditional remix, and I hope they'll release it officially so I can finally add an iteration of Idol to my playlist. Their Fake Love performance was mostly alright, except for Jimin's godawful live singing, but that's to be expected.

I'm happy TWICE won a bonsang despite not attending, they deserved it.
lostintheechoes 1st-Dec-2018 07:46 pm (UTC)
wow, BTS did that. i loved that traditional remix of Idol.
weneedmedicine 1st-Dec-2018 08:24 pm (UTC)
YG loves treating BP like flops even though they’re anything but
lizanka23 1st-Dec-2018 09:20 pm (UTC)
ikr. i don't get why he does that. they have so many views on youtube, more listeners on spotify than bts and they've been on the billboard charts. he really needs to invest in them and promote them if they are going to expand into the us market. they seriously stand a chance to become a world famous asian girl group. it would be awesome to finally have a kpop girl group become super popular but i don't trust yg with female artists
lizanka23 1st-Dec-2018 09:30 pm (UTC)
i enjoyed mamamoo's performance even though all the men in it made my lesbian ass recoil. also it would've been nice if solar got to show off her pole dancing skills more with skills and tricks. i guess it was due to the time restraints...
and this performance is why bts is the only male k-pop group i'm a fan of currently. tvxq will always be number one though

Edited at 2018-12-01 09:54 pm (UTC)
infj23 1st-Dec-2018 09:45 pm (UTC)
(G)i-dle has so much potential. That was a good stage. Mamamoo, otoh, nope. Those outfits, the dancing, the arrangements....just nope.

BP...they could really borrow a bit of G(i)=dle's stage and stage presence. YG doing the bare minimum is always astounding to me.

I'm so glad that BTS finally gets to close out year-end award shows. They have really separated themselves with effort and understanding that they need to bring some extra to these performances.
torontok 1st-Dec-2018 10:07 pm (UTC)
The show and the stages were great but my god this crowd sucked ass. I know kfandoms have a thing about only cheering for their own fandoms but I've never seen such a dead crowd in any award show,Only BTS,Wanna One and Mamamoo got response. Like I remember in past award shows all fandoms would at least jam to the bigger hits but this time even Love Scenario got no sing along

The Boyz deserve to win best reference for naming their performance "To all The Boyz I've loved before"
babyjenkski 6th-Dec-2018 06:44 am (UTC)
Oh I saw lots of tweets that ARMYs changed their lightstick color to blue during BTOBs performance. The stadium was glowing then =) At least they cheered for BTOB
dongsaengkiller 1st-Dec-2018 11:05 pm (UTC)
Fav performance was definitely BTS. By the time they got to Idol my jaw was on the floor. I ended up watching it multiple times and was amazed every single time. 10/10 would recommend
rockerista03 1st-Dec-2018 11:06 pm (UTC)
I honestly loved majority of the performances, BTS being my favourite. The traditional/kukak version of Idol is what we deserve and I needed that in studio version yesterday. Plus they look like they have a lot more fun performing it than the "original" version. They know how to command the stage but Jimin and Namjoon especially just get it. BTS stages remind me of TVXQ/BoA stages that I'm still absolutely in love with at this point so I hope they continue performing like that. MAMA's a bigger stage so here's to hoping they bring this version there again.

And IDLE my god I knew they were going to bring it but I was still shocked. They were nervous af and it was obvious but they still delivered. Soyeon's stage presence is crazy good.

MAMAMOO and iKON were good. I like how Hanbin started out the whole thing by playing the piano aww it's a nice touch. I was a lil sad Solar didn't get to show off her pole dancing skills much but she still did a good job.

BP...honestly at this point I just feel sad and disappointed for the girls. Like it was so jarring how everyone gave quite a lot of effort for their stages and then BP just falls flat on theirs. YG remains an ass because he refuses to give the bare minimum for his artists that aren't BIGBANG when he could've have the big thing rn and not just the next big thing.

Edited at 2018-12-01 11:07 pm (UTC)
aeipathy 2nd-Dec-2018 12:13 am (UTC)
don't know how bts will top this, i was in awe at the idol intro lol.

i really want stray kids to win the rookie/best new artist award at mama
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