11:06 am - 12/03/2018

GOT7 "Miracle" M/V

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Winter Story with I GOT7 + Lyrics Images M/V Teaser ☆ "Miracle" M/V

Prepare for the ultimate sappy Christmas cheesiness omona! ChristmasGhost!7 is here *-*
scionofawhisper 3rd-Dec-2018 11:27 am (UTC)
Why wasn't she freaked out when that coat and stuff floated over, lmao. I thought this was gonna be too much cheesiness for me, but I was just confused by Got7 being ghosts or whatever. xD

Do got7 have a lot of really young Korean fans? Just Right had a really young girl too...

The song is really pretty though.

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camouflagecat 3rd-Dec-2018 11:38 am (UTC)
I almost laughed when the closet doors opened bc I thought Jaebum was gonna step out of there like he'd been hiding in this girl's closet asdfghjk (they didn't show Jinyoung as a ghost, I didn't know what to except!)

Yeah I wonder what's with the kid, I thought I'd heard got7 has more older fans? (or maybe that's just i-fans). Maybe it's more neutral and cute bc if it were a girl their age it would immediately had some romantic connotations to it.
snowyirees 3rd-Dec-2018 02:16 pm (UTC)
No, their fans are mostly college students and working millennials. That's actually why they struggle with Melon so much, ain't nobody got time even if we work our asses off. I think their youngest demographic is actually in Thailand?

I think the reason they used a child for Miracle (and I'm not including Just Right because I don't think they had creative freedom to decide these things back then) is because the love towards a child is pure. It's constant and unadulterated, and most definitely not as fleeting as romantic love. I think it's as simple as that, though I also remember JB once saying he wants GOT7 to be remembered like heros in children's stories lol
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