11:06 am - 12/03/2018

GOT7 "Miracle" M/V

Source: GOT7

Teaser & Album PreviewTrack List Album Preview Ver. 2 Teaser Image (group)
Teaser Image (JB, Jackson, Bambam) Teaser Image (Jinyoung, Mark, Youngjae & Yugyeom)
Winter Story with I GOT7 + Lyrics Images M/V Teaser ☆ "Miracle" M/V

Prepare for the ultimate sappy Christmas cheesiness omona! ChristmasGhost!7 is here *-*
shazz_chan 4th-Dec-2018 08:49 pm (UTC)
Stop hiding in kids closets, JB, I burst out laughing at that bit. IMagine opening your curtains and there's Jinyoung being lit by xmas lights like... yes plz.
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