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Starship, C-JeS, Cube Entertainment Release Statement On Accusations Of Not Paying Hair Salon Fees

On December 3, Starship Entertainment, C-JeS Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment released similar statements regarding the accusation of not paying fees from the hair salon, The Red Carpet.

Starship reported, “It was falsely reported that we intentionally did not make a payment despite the request from the hair salon director.”

“The Red Carpet’s Director Kang Ho has mentioned missed payments, but we’ve asked multiple times for proof of payment. Instead, The Red Carpet has not provided us proof and postponed this for many years,” Starship said, declaring that the delay was caused by The Red Carpet’s side.

“On August 2017, we received an invoice for three years worth of payment all at once, with details that haven’t been verified, from a person who claimed to be representative of The Red Carpet. Afterwards, we asked to know the specific details of the payment, but they, of course, ignored this.” Starship also added that “There is no company in the Republic of South Korea that will respond to an invoice without any specific details.”

C-JeS Entertainment similarly responded with a statement. “Although it seems as if we’ve deliberately delayed making a payment, this is different from the truth. We’ve finished making the payments a long time ago. However, since 2013, payment requests and proof have been delayed. We’ve continuously been asking for these requests, but the salon shop director has repeatedly refused contact.”

“In early 2016, The Red Carpet received a bond seizure order from the court. A third party charged us all at once for the hair and makeup done from 2013 through 2016. The third party did not provide any proof of qualification, and asked us to pay the invoice no matter what without providing any specific details or proof,” C-JeS further explained.

C-JeS added on behalf of their artists, “They threatened us multiple times, such as by saying ‘if this news is released, the artists’ images will be hurt.’ This issue is irrelevant to the artist, so we ask that you refrain from speculation and broad interpretation.”

Cube also released a statement with similar information. “In the first quarter of 2015, we finished the payment of the invoice that came with evidence from The Red Carpet. From the second quarter of 2015, the evidence and payment request were delayed, so we asked multiple times for the payment request. However, The Red Carpet said they will hold the request due to internal reasons.” Cube went on to clarify that they couldn’t make a payment because The Red Carpet was involved in a bond seizure order with a third party.

Cube claimed that they haven’t even received evidence for the 500 million won (approximately $450,000) they’ve been charged by The Red Carpet.

source: @soompi, MBN|MKSports|XSportsNews via soompi
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