2:21 pm - 12/03/2018

Gaon Chart Music Awards eliminate their Popularity Awards based on Fan Votes

The executive office of the awards show has released an official statement regarding their decision to remove the popularity award, as well as their goals for this year. They stated, “Gaon Chart and Gaon Chart Music Awards, which awards the albums, artists, and music industry professionals who shined over the past year, were created for the music industry.

“With many awards shows being held now and market saturation rising, both singers and fans are feeling increasingly fatigued, and the prestige and symbolism of such music awards shows is fading.

“We are fully aware that Gaon Chart Music Awards are not free from responsibility for the current state of the market. We have determined the current issues that face the market and have made the following decisions in order to better the situation:

First, we have decided to eliminate the Popularity Award that is determined 100 percent by fan votes as it causes unnecessarily high levels of competition amongst fandoms. With the number of music awards shows in Korea surpassing 10, popularity awards have led to many negative side effects. Therefore, until we are able to come up with a voting method that both music industry professionals and the general public can relate to, we will be eliminating popularity votes and awards that are completely determined by fan votes.

“Second, we have change the ticket reservation system in order to combat the issue of macros and scalping tickets. The new system will require people who to attend the show to register for a random draw. We realize that this will not completely eliminate the issue of scalping, but we will do our best to ensure that people cannot use macros and other technological methods to buy multiple tickets.

“Thirdly, we will work to focus more on awards presenters. Till now, we have focused all of our attention on the recipients of our awards and have therefore been lacking when it comes to presenters who are there to congratulate the recipients. We wish to sincerely apologize to the singers and fans who were hurt by the unexpected and unrehearsed situation that occurred in the last awards ceremony involving a presenter, and we will do our best this year to create an awards show that moves singers and fans.”

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
rainstormraider 3rd-Dec-2018 02:00 pm (UTC)
What was the incident with the presenter?
infj23 3rd-Dec-2018 04:19 pm (UTC)
Last year, BTS didn't attend. For the physical album awards, Gaon/presenter didn't announce the quarterly awards; instead, they announced albums for first/second half of the year. BTS' name was never announced as winners; instead, short video clips of BTS' album covers were shown. For the other quarterly winners, their names and sales results were announced.

In fact, I don't think BTS was ever mentioned that night lol. Something definitely went down because artists who did not attend still got mentioned and BH never tweeted about Gaon or their wins.
queenhinata 3rd-Dec-2018 08:58 pm (UTC)
omg i remember this. it was such a mess...
infj23 4th-Dec-2018 01:48 am (UTC)
The level of petty was rich considering BTS broke Gaon's 16-year sales record. I wonder if BTS will attend next year. Sounds like the press release was an attempt to patch things up.
rockerista03 4th-Dec-2018 12:51 pm (UTC)
omg that was a wholeass mess. Wasn't PDogg there? I remember seeing tweets about how he had a whole acceptance speech written up but he didn't even get a chance yikes
infj23 4th-Dec-2018 10:09 pm (UTC)
I believe PDogg gave a speech for an award given to him but he didn't accept any awards on the behalf of BTS. There were no VCRs. No statements about records broken. Nothing--just flat out dismissed except PDogg's mention of them in his speech and a 3-second video clip lol

I don't think BH has finalized its year-end / awards schedule. Unless more happened behind the scenes than this acknowledgement of "hurt" singers and fans, I wouldn't be surprised if BH decides to rests its artists for a second straight year.
rainstormraider 5th-Dec-2018 03:33 am (UTC)
And there wasn’t a Blue House petition over this!
This fanbase is slacking! Lol.
But seriously yikes.
lizanka23 3rd-Dec-2018 04:50 pm (UTC)
This is cool. Is there an award show similar to the Grammys in Korea btw where it’s decided on by music industry insiders?
nekokonneko 3rd-Dec-2018 06:15 pm (UTC)
The Korean Music awards. It's not even televised
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